Mobile Shopping App Shopkick is Finally Profitable

It comes as quite the kick in the pants for Shopkick and its countless users. On Wednesday, the most widely used real-world shopping app can finally boast about something that, until now, it could not.

Shopkick has finally turned profitable.

An understandably enthusiastic press release today heralded word that Shopkick reached its first profitable quarter in Q4 2012.

The 60-person Palo Alto-based team launched its new app version shopkick 3.0 in October 2012, which led to a very large holiday spike in both consumer usage and revenue – for shopkick and its partners.

“We have only been in the market for little over two years, and did not plan or expect to reach our first profitable quarter so quickly,” said Cyriac Roeding, CEO and co-founder of shopkick. “Of course Holidays are always the sweet spot for retail, but this far exceeded even our hopes. With this milestone, shopkick is ready for 2013, when mobile payments and mobile loyalty will start to converge, which puts shopkick in a position to get even bigger this year.”

The good news comes just one week before Shopkick is scheduled for recognition at the World Economic Forum in Davos as a “Tech Pioneer” for 2013.