Mobile Rumor Shot Down: Chinese Sources Deny Anti-Apple Sentiment

Mobile Rumor Shot Down Chinese Sources Deny Anti-Apple SentimentIn recent days, reports surfaced that Chinese officials have banned government agencies from procuring Apple’s various mobile products.

That means no iPhones, iPads, or even Macs.

Or so we thought.

The latest news out of China reveals that the whole anti-Apple controversy was born of a mistake.

In fact, Chinese publication Caixin says there is no ban. Their sources reveal that Apple’s omission from the “authorized list of vendors” for Chinese agencies is nothing more than a “filing error” that has since been corrected.

Although doubts regarding the veracity of these claims remain persistent, the timing of this latest controversy is notable. Shortly before it became clear that Chinese officials have grown concerned that Apple devices may be used for espionage, Russian government leaders requested sensitive data from Apple in hopes of getting to the bottom of similar spying concerns inside of Russia’s borders.