Mobile Response Targeting Unveiled by BlueHornet Networks

This week, the folks at BlueHornet – a prominent enterprise email marketing provider – rolled out their latest endeavor, which is the introduction of mobile response targeting in its flagship email application, eMarketing Suite Enterprise.

According to a press release hyping the new service, mobile response targeting will enable marketers to use BlueHornet to automatically identify and segment subscribers who view email campaigns on a mobile device.

To maximize brand engagement and encourage campaign response, the new mobile functionality enables marketers to send follow-up emails that take full advantage of the mobile context.

An example cited by BlueHornet is that retail brands can use mobile response targeting to offer their mobile-engaged subscribers a flash-sale promotion that can only be redeemed by presenting the mobile email at brick and mortar locations. Or, travel and hospitality brands can use BlueHornet’s mobile response targeting to reach travelers while they’re on vacation — during the time when they’re most likely to respond quickly to special offers.

The use of the mobile channel to reach consumers is expected to continue growing as it rapidly becomes a preferred touch point. In fact, Forrester Research, Inc., projects in its August 2011 report: “U.S. Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2011 to 2016” that by 2015 smartphone adoption will grow 150 percent.

“Most marketers recognize that there are many exciting opportunities to drive campaign response and engagement by messaging differently to subscribers when they’re interacting with a brand on a mobile device,” said Gerry Widmer, general manager of BlueHornet. “However, those opportunities have remained largely untapped because existing solutions have not effectively facilitated this type of targeting. BlueHornet’s mobile response targeting feature is automated, making it easy for brands to take advantage of the high growth rate of mobile marketing adoption that is predicted by analysts, including Forrester Research.”