Mobile Payments Giant PayAnywhere ‘Supercharges’ iOS App

Another day, another big development for PayAnywhere, one of the fastest growing mobile payments solutions in the industry.

On Tuesday, PayAnywhere was busy touting the newest version of its popular mobile point of sale (mPOS) app for iOS.

Available for download today from the Apple App Store the newest version of the award-winning PayAnywhere app works with the PayAnywhere mobile credit card reader, which plugs into the audio jack of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device, giving merchants of all sizes a safe and easy way to accept credit and debit card payments directly from their phone or tablet.

The latest update to the PayAnywhere iOS app features boosted performance, new bilingual in-app support with Spanish language prompts, and new advanced inventory features, among other updates, which include:

  • Easier transactions: Streamlined inventory features and checkout process for an overall smoother experience.
  • Sleek new user interface: A reorganized menu and sortable inventory tracking delivers quick and straightforward transaction processing with easy access to selling, inventory and reports.
  • Hassle-free refunds and pre-authorizations: More flexibility to run partial pre-authorizations on charges, issue refunds for specific items or to adjust the price on particular items from directly within the app.
  • Rich reporting: Check daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales with customizable filters and new enhanced Heat Maps that allow for zooming in and out on regions, and viewing individual or grouped transactions, providing merchants with greater visibility to where their sales are taking place.
  • Cross-platform synching: Merchants’ inventory and reporting will automatically sync between any piece of equipment they use, providing a consistent experience and up-to-date data regardless of how many different devices are used to process transactions.

To check out the revamped app for yourself, click here.