Mobile Means Consumers Are Never Disconnected

Mobile Means Consumers Are Never DisconnectedA recent online survey by Respondi found that nearly half of all American consumers say they are now connected to the Internet “all the time.” What the report asked consumers is, using the following criteria, if they were using the Internet “always.” The 3 criteria included:

  1. If they use at least 3 Internet connected devices
  2. If they use them at least 3 times a day from at least 3 different locations
  3. If they did this daily over a 7 day period

Based on the response, and using the criteria above, out of 574 respondents, 48% were considered to be “always on” consumers.

When compared to research that was conducted by Forester Research during the past 3 years, the percentage of consumers who fit into this category went from 25% in 2010 up to 40% in 2013, nearly doubling. Since this data was collected from consumers who were “self-reporting,” it’s not assumed to be extremely accurate but it certainly is noteworthy as it shows a powerfully changing mindset overall among consumers.

The study was also interesting because it broke down “always on” consumers into 5 distinct sub segments depending on:

  1. How they were connected
  2. Why they are connected
  3. The relationship they have with their devices
  4. How they perceive brands
  5. Their own data

Most importantly for marketers everywhere, this is one of the first attempts to understand the very nature of consumer intent and is certainly something that will be intensely tracked over the next few years.

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