Mobile Marketing Strategies to Take Center Stage at PLACE 2015

Mobile Marketing Strategies to Take Center Stage at PLACE 2015Smith Micro Software, a provider of wireless and mobility solutions, said Thursday in a statement provided to MMW that their CMO Carla Fitzgerald will “discuss emerging context-driven strategies” for personalizing mobile engagement during a panel discussion at PLACE 2015:  The Business of Location.

The session in question is set for June 9th.

The company has also published a whitepaper entitled “Smarter Smartphone Marketing,” describing the opportunity for hyper-targeted mobile interactions based on real-time consumer behavior, circumstances and intent, specifically in the hospitality industry.

“Mobile marketing is exploding but the power of smartphones is still surprisingly underutilized in real-world deployments, particularly in retailer and brand loyalty apps,” says Fitzgerald.

“Location-based solutions must tap into deeper contextual information to deliver more relevant and convenient mobile services,” the CMO concludes. “It’s not just about pushing ads, the device should be able to anticipate what a consumer wants or needs, even if it’s just presenting information differently in-store or offering virtual assistance.”