Mobile Marketing is Infesting Pest Control

Mobile marketing has gone to the pests.

Underscoring an unusual but highly effective use of mobile technology in the industry of pest and rodent removal, Arizona Pest Control is among the first companies in its field to enter the mobile marketing arena.

Last year, the organization launched an original pest identification app called Pest ID Pro. And the results are now in.

“We chose to make an app because of the rapidly changing marketing environment,” says Caleb Tennenbaum, Arizona Pest Control’s marketing director. “Being one of the first pest control companies with an application in the App Store would give us a great competitive advantage and we wanted to take advantage of that aspect.”

In a new write-up from PCT (Pest Control Technology), focus is placed on the growing number of businesses that “have changed their marketing strategies in an attempt to remain competitive in their industries.”

Though many pest management businesses have capitalized on the social media platforms that are often free to join and relatively low-cost to maintain, many are hesitant to invest in other marketing strategies that may have higher costs and uncertain payouts. One such investment is in mobile and tablet marketing.

As it turns out, Arizona Pest Control had great success with the app and continues to see an expansion of business and revenue as a result.

“I didn’t want to create an everyday app that wasn’t useful to people, like a game where the user squashes bugs. I wanted the app to be designed for the consumer, but I also wanted our staff to be able to utilize it,” said Tennenbaum.

By all accounts, it’s mission accomplished for Arizona Pest Control.