Mobile App Developers Eager For Apple Tablet

Mobile App Developers Eager For Apple TabletAnticipation is rampant for the upcoming Apple Tablet set to debut tomorrow in San Francisco, and nowhere is it more apparent than with application developers.

Beyond game developers chomping at the bit to get their hands on the new tablet, a new survey suggest there’s greater interest in developing other types of large screen-capable apps as well.  Appcelerator, maker of a development platform for mobile and desktop apps, published results indicating that 90 percent of developers surveyed plan to develop an app for the upcoming Apple Tablet within the first year.

When asked whether they were “very interested” in building apps for a platform, 58 percent of respondents said “yes” when asked about the tablet, placing it behind the iPhone and Google Android, but far ahead of other platforms like BlackBerry, Palm Pre, and Windows Mobile.

In terms of the types of apps developers are interested in creating, business and productivity-oriented apps are at the top of the list, followed by entertainment, social networking, and education.  While the iPhone conjured a lot of excitement with developers dreaming of the possibilities, the Apple Tablet takes things to an entirely different level.  With more screen area, more powerful hardware and unique multi-touch capabilities, the potential for application innovation is higher than ever.