Mobile Advertising On The Rise in Canada

Mobile advertising is growing by lucrative leaps and bounds in Canada, according to freshly released data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada.

Based on the information provided by Ernst & Young, Canada continues to enjoy substantial growth in the mobile ad sector.

All told, spending on mobile advertising ballooned nearly 170% to $31.9-million in 2009 alone.

For last year, the IAB placed mobile advertising revenue in Canada at $51-million – a 60% spike, which is all the more impressive when you consider that spending on mobile advertising in Canada was a mere $1.1-million back in 2006.

In Canada, Telecommunications firms are among the biggest drivers of mobile advertising, followed by entertainment and packaged food companies.

“Mobile marketers believe Advertisers do not currently allocate enough funds to digital as a whole, to permit carving-out a meaningful amount of dollars for Mobile; perhaps because Mobile has not yet been proven for many verticals, or because Canadian audience measurement for Mobile is not yet in place,” the IAB noted.

“Mobile marketers recognize that getting Advertisers to consider where Mobile might fit into their overall digital strategy is an important first step in establishing permanent, annual budgets for Mobile.”