Mobile Advertising is ‘All About ME’

Mobile Advertising is 'All About ME'According to Opera Mediaworks, mobile advertising is “all about me.”

That was the clever announcement at least when the company touted its new self-serve mobile advertising platform for personal brands this week.

All About ME, the company explains in a statement provided to MMW, “gives people the tools to build mobile creative such as banner ads, full-screen interstitials and even short-form HD video, target them contextually or geographically, and deliver them to a mobile audience in real-time.”

But there’s more, the company adds. Unlike the campaign objectives and KPIs of corporate brands, All About ME “is entirely focused on achieving personal goals, such as being asked out by an attractive neighbor or being recruited for a job.”

“Mobile advertisers are really struggling to crack the code on Millennial marketing,” says Mahi de Silva, CEO of Opera Mediaworks. “But delivering advertising to this group is simply the wrong approach. Millennials do not want to be marketed to; they are far more interested in marketing themselves. They do not want to listen; they want to speak,” he says, with the sage wisdom of someone who has scanned several audience segment reports.”

“It’s not that they don’t like brands — it’s just that their own brand is simply more important,” adds Mike Owen, EVP North America Sales at Opera Mediaworks. “So we thought, why not capitalize on their desire to make incessant positive impressions on other people? Rather than spend hundreds of hours building a personal brand organically through social media, they can get their message to exactly the right person, at the right time, on the right device — without the cost of going through an ad agency.”

To learn more about All About Me, click here.