MMW: The Week’s Top Stories

MMW The Week’s Top StoriesIn case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in mobile marketing and advertising we’ve been following this week.

As 2013 enters the home stretch, savvy marketing professionals are planning ahead for the new year and trying to determine the tools and tactics most conducive to mobile marketing success in 2014. Recently, MMW caught up with Brennan Carlson, SVP of Product & Strategy at Lyris, who revealed that the new year will set the stage for a number of prominent trends in marketing, and mobile is central to each.

Another year in social media history is about to enter the books. But as we reflect on 2013, it’s evident that it was a monumental year for social media in myriad ways. To punctuate that point and put the impressive data into perspective, Digital Insights has produced a terrific new infographic that presents all the 2013 Social Media stats you could hope for and more.

Adding more insight to the open floodgates of 2014 digital and mobile marketing predictions for the new year is Elizabeth Harz, Chegg Vice President of Business Development. This week, Ms. Harz connected with MMW to talk about Millennials, marketing, and much, much more as the arrival of 2014 looms large.


Advertisers have spent close to $6 billion on YouTube this year, eMarketer reports in accordance with the latest data compiled. eMarketer’s inaugural analysis of how much advertisers spent on the platform in 2013 was exhaustively produced after reviewing hundreds of datapoints and corresponding studies.

That which makes a mobile marketing campaign effective is also what makes marketing campaigns of all varieties effective: relevancy.  But, regrettably, when it comes to relevant mobile marketing campaigns, they are too few and far in between.

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