MMA Updates Mobile Marketing Guidelines

With the increased popularity and use of mobile video and television, the MMA has updated their mobile marketing guidelines to reflect the additions.

In mobile television services, the MMA now recommends that advertisements stay within the 10-15 second range instead of the longer 30-60 second spots that are far less likely to engage viewers.  Likewise, when it comes to other forms of mobile video, the new guidelines suggest that marketers should use a bumper of no more than 3 seconds and an ad of no longer than 10 seconds.  The most important thing, according to the new guidelines, is file size.

“The total file size is important, especially for consumers downloading them over 2G connections. For those with faster connections, the time before the file can be opened is important. For downloads. . .On both 2G and 3G networks, large files also can result in additional charges for users who are not on flat-rate, unlimited data plans,” was written in the report, according to BizReport.

In addition to new rules regarding mobile video, the MMA is also advising marketers to make allowances for resizing mobile banner ads for mobile messaging.  In an industry that’s constantly evolving, the MMA has a hefty task ahead of them, so I assume these new guidelines will be altered along the way.