Millennial Media Mobile Mix Report: iOS Produced 47% Of App Revenue, Android 36%

Millennial Media today released its latest Mobile Mix report for March indicating that the iPhone has once again risen to the top in terms of mobile app revenue.

Speaking of the iPhone, the report shows overall growth for the device at 17% month-over-month, with iOS in general growing 11% month-over-month.  Interestingly, iPhones running on Verizon’s network accounted for 8.2% of all iPhone impressions in March.  In breaking down app revenue by platform—iOS apps represented a 47% share, while Android apps represented a 36% share.

Android remained the leading Smartphone OS for the 4th consecutive month with a 48% impression share, with 14 of the current top 20 devices running the Android OS.  Connected devices (non-phones—like the iPad, iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy tablet) increased 21% month-over-month, and now make up 17% of the device impression share (compared to 64% for smartphones, and 19% for feature phones).  Looking closer at Blackberry for the month of March, the BlackBerry Curve reclaimed the number 2 position in the Top 20 mobile phones, while the BlackBerry Torch grew 23% month-over-month.  The RIM OS in general experienced 29% growth month-over-month.

As always, much more information is available in the actual report, which is available to download here.