Millennial Media Publishes Comprehensive Year in Review SMART Report

On Tuesday, Millennial Media published a special Year in Review edition of the SMART report.

With a year-over-year look at key global advertiser trends in 2012, the report also features global data from the Millennial Media platform with a focus on the top verticals, campaign goals and actions, and audiences for the year.

For example, the independent ad network reported seeing 12 different verticals grow spend by over 100 percent year-over-year, and 4 verticals grew spend by over 400 percent. Government Services led the way, and grew 860 percent (primarily driven by election spending).

“Retail and Restaurants” was the top spending vertical on the MM platform. Although it was the number 2 vertical on our platform last year, it still grew spend by over 100 percent year-over-year.

The top three most targeted audiences were IT Decision Makers, Gadget Geeks and In-Market Auto Buyers.

Underscoring the industry-wide growth of location based targeting, the 40 percent of CPG spend on MM’s platform included some form of location-based targeting.

To learn more from the fascinating new report or to check it out for yourself, click here.