Millennial Media is Hungry For Mobile Ad Success with Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

On Thursday, Millennial Media made an announcement that likely brings a smile to the face of pretzel lovers everywhere… or at least those in Atlanta.

The top player in pretzels – Auntie Anne’s Pretzels – is partnering with Millennial Media, The Coca-Cola Company, and Sparkfly to pilot a mobile advertising campaign that will offer consumers a mobile deal that can be measured and tracked seamlessly through the point of sale.

Auntie Anne’s and Coke are running a targeted campaign for moms in Atlanta, Gerogian shopping malls that will commence through Back-to-School shopping season. The creative will offer a coupon for varying combinations of Coke beverages and Auntie Anne’s pretzel products.

“One of the primary benefits of the partnership is to track an offer from the onset to point of purchase,” says Heather Neary, Auntie Anne’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Not only can we measure how effective individual offers are, but we can analyze the performance of individual display units. We have never been able to measure either of these before, and it’s a solution that we can see taking us into the future.”

This particular campaign is running exclusively on the Millennial Media platform.

“Marketers are shifting local market advertising spend into mobile and are driving real world value in a way not possible with more traditional channels, “ said Marcus Startzel, an executive with Millennial Media. “Mobile provides brands new levels of immediacy and relevancy, and with advanced audience targeting, marketers can be sure they are reaching the right consumers at the right place and time.”