Meyers Launches ‘Game Changing’ App for the Housing Industry

Meyers Launches 'Game Changing' App for the Housing IndustryOn Monday, Meyers Research shared details with MMW of its latest launch – Zonda.

Zonda is the first mobile app of its kind dedicated to providing  market insight on-the-go for the homebuilding industry.

Zonda’s clear, concise and intuitive format simplifies the experience, allowing developers and investors to instantly compare reports from different regions, gauge the pulse of the market, and keep pace with the housing industry’s rapidly changing landscape from anywhere, at any time.

“Zonda’s intuitive approach and mobile platform redefines how the housing industry interacts with data,” says Jeff Meyers, president of Meyers Research, and founder of Zonda.  “We spent the past year designing and perfecting Zonda’s patented user experience to empower anyone, at any level — from home builders and land developers to institutional investors and commercial banks — with the same tools, insight, and data that used to be available only to trained analysts.”

Among the features offered by the app include:

  • National Insight: Zonda features an interactive national heat map, providing simultaneous macro and micro analysis for seamless transition from a 30,000-foot view of the U.S. to a single zip code.
  • Local Flavor:  Zonda allows users to search, save and monitor hot spots ripe for opportunity.  Users can also uncover nearby trends and demographics important to homebuyers, such as schools, crime rates and job market conditions.
  • Historical Contexts and Forecasts: Zonda provides access to monthly and annual historical trends, future projections and timely briefs from Meyers Research’s team of seasoned analysts and editors throughout the U.S.
  • Instant Reports: With a drop of a pin or circle of a neighborhood on Zonda’s interactive map, users can easily generate and email historical price charts and lean, elegantly formatted market and site reports from the field to the office or to a colleague on-the-go in seconds.

“We tested Zonda with 11 early adopters in various categories throughout the homebuilding industry and their positive feedback from beta trials of Zonda in the field and in the board room have been incredible,” Meyers adds. “What we’ve created with Zonda is unlike anything on the market and we’re excited to extend that transformative experience to everyone.”