Meet SurePulse, The New Local Marketing Cloud

Meet SurePulse, The New Local Marketing CloudDigital marketing, says the team at Surefire Social, is more than just the business website.

“To be successful and gain advantage over competitors,” the argue, “local businesses must track and react to a range of crucial local marketing digital platforms.”

And the folks at SureFire Social have an offering to contribute to that effort.

Meet SurePulse, an interactive digital platform for the local business to make informed decisions and gain higher ROI through managing all digital marketing activity in one place.

Using SurePulse, a business can now manage their entire digital footprint: Website/mobile, Social, Reputation, Local Directories and Search Engine Marketing, measuring their marketing returns, in easy to use dashboards.

“The proliferation, complexity and dynamic nature of local marketing technology, channels and services makes it difficult for local businesses to take control of their brand identity and marketing activities. Until yesterday, local businesses had to login to a myriad of tools to judge their performance which was overwhelming and time consuming. Today we are happy to put SurePulse in the hands of all Surefire Social customers” said Chris Marentis, CEO of Surefire Social.

To check out a video on SurePulse, click here.