MEDL Plans To Purchase Thousands Of Mobile Apps To Build An Alliance Of Developers

MEDL Mobile, a unique company that specializes in custom mobile application development and the company behind dozens of internationally successful apps, today announced a new initiative focused on purchasing thousands of mobile apps to create a massive alliance of independent developers.

Announced at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the “MEDL Alliance” is a program that will purchase mobile apps directly from their developers, but continue to pay out a portion of the profits.  The idea is to put the power of MEDL’s resources and knowledge in the mobile apps space behind as many apps as possible to make them as successful as the original developers envisioned.

“It’s very challenging for an independent developer to thrive amidst the chaos of this emerging app market,” said Andrew Maltin, MEDL Mobile’s CEO.  “For every successful developer, there are dozens who have invested significant resources yet are still unable to properly market and monetize their creations.”

The company plans to invest an undisclosed sum to acquire iPhone, iPad and Android apps, improve functionality, and supplement the code to make them a part of their growing app network.  In addition to monetizing apps via traditional methods such as download fees, in-app purchases and working with top advertising networks, MEDL also works directly with advertisers to create app sponsorships.  These sponsorships weave a brand’s content into an existing app to yield a deeper level of engagement for the brand and increase monetization for the developer.

The new strategy allows MEDL to quickly scale their library to capitalize on the massive mobile app opportunity, which Gartner recently predicted to top $15B this year.  Developers can learn more about the new alliance here and even submit their app, and the company says that the purchase price and ongoing percentages paid to developers are variable depending upon the app itself.  The alliance provides a unique opportunity for developers who want to get the most out of the apps they create.  It should be interesting to see how large the company’s network grows over the next several months.