Marketing for Connected Vehicle Systems to Accelerate

Marketing for Connected Vehicle Systems to AccelerateIn today’s world, automakers are focusing on making cars both environmentally sound and cost efficient. To reach these goals, many new cars have been implanted with the V2X chip. This chip has become a vital part of hybrids and other electric vehicles.

In addition to its “green” reputation, the V2X chip also provides many safety features. Connected to satellites and other electronics, the V2X chip can see everything around your car in a 360 field of vision. It can detect road hazards, if car accidents in your vicinity, and even if a pedestrian is about to run out in front of you. All of this information is communicated on the dashboard where your GPS and radio are installed.

These revolutions have been praised by many. According to Navigant Research, the U.S. Department of Transportation quotes, “Adding V2X communications could help prevent 70 to 80 percent of vehicle crashes.”

In addition to the safety features, the V2X chip can also provide driver conveniences. Connected via smart-phone app, drivers can monitor how much charge an electric vehicle has while away from it. Not only that, it can monitor all the functions of the car all the way down to low tire pressure. This feature not only aids mechanics in diagnosing repairs, it can also make standard vehicle maintenance easier for drivers.

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