Marchex: Mid-Market Companies Ringing Up More Sales From Mobile Search

hero_carousel_search-1Marchex, a mobile advertising analytics company, has just announced the availability of Marchex Search Analytics Standard (a mid-market version of its leading Search Analytics product).

Developed for marketers that do not have access to bid management platforms or conversion data, Search Analytics Standard enables brands and agencies to measure the value of keywords that drive sales from the billions of phone calls that consumers make to businesses directly from click-to-call ads each year.

Marchex Search Analytics Standard removes a major blind spot for marketers by attributing every inbound phone call from call extensions and landing pages to a paid search keyword.

“Our mid-market customers have challenged us to make click-to-call campaigns as trackable and actionable as possible,” said Varun Das, Senior Product Manager at Marchex. “With Search Standard, this important group of marketers can now attribute every click-to-call conversion to a paid search keyword, enabling them to make real-time adjustments to drive stronger, more efficient performance for their paid search campaigns.”

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