Making the Most of Mobile in the Modern Dining Experience

Making the Most of Mobile in the Modern Dining ExperienceAhead of the forthcoming Mobile Innovation Summit in Chicago, Illinois later this year, the folks at Mobile Payments Today have published a new infographic that explores the rapidly increasing importance of mobile payments within the modern dining experience.

“Mobile innovations continue to grow at a staggering pace and to win the game, your brand’s mobile app is going to need more than just a menu, nutritional information and restaurant locations,” says Alicia Kelso of Mobile Payments Today.

“If you’re not considering a mobile strategy,” she continues. “you have a lot of ground to make up: Experts predict the mobile payments industry will account for $1 trillion in global transactions by next year. Other research shows that 38 percent of U.S. consumers used a mobile coupon to purchase a product in-store, and that 35 percent of restaurant mobile apps include an ordering option.”

From getting a cup of java at Starbucks through the assistance of Square, to patronizing any one of the thousands of small businesses that count on PayAnywhere for their mobile payment needs, consumers today have never before been more consistently exposed to quality, secure, and ubiquitous mobile payment options, especially when it comes time to dine.

So if you’re in the restaurant business and want to make a more profound impact on mobile this year, here are five musts for your restaurant app in 2014.