Lackluster In-House Expertise Impedes Mobile Marketing Success

Mobile MarketingThe mass migration to mobile is turning every company into a mobile marketer (or a prospective one).

But challenges abound. In addition to the difficulties inherent in developing any advertising campaign or strategy, there’s also a dearth of expertise in most firms.

According to June, 2014 poll by Ascend2, reported by eMarketer, “lack of knowledge about the tactic was the No. 1 hurdle to mobile marketing success.”

The worldwide poll shows that about 40 percent of marketing professionals believe that “a lack of in-house expertise was the leading challenge to achieving success with mobile marketing.”

Companies hear the clarion call of mobile opportunity, it’s clear. But while most firms plan to respond by increasing their mobile budgets, it might not be enough to solve the expertise problem. That’s because budget restrictions may create a scenario where more mobile ads are scheduled, but without the professional knowledge in the development phase that might make them truly effective.

Still, lackluster in-house knowledge has led marketers to turn to outside sources for mobile marketing when they can. More than two-thirds of respondents reported outsourcing some aspect of mobile, while just 31 percent admitted to handling it exclusively in-house.

Ascend2 reported that 42 percent of marketers are using mobile marketing — and that a similar percentage plan to do so going forward.

As mobile grows, marketers will have to contend with the skills issue — and either get outside help or boost in-house expertise.