Jumptap Data Shows Kindle Fire is Heating Up Network Traffic

The Amazon Kindle Fire is… well, on fire. And on Thursday, the latest data presented in Jumptap‘s November MobileSTAT report confirms as much.

According to Jumptap, the mobile advertising gurus, network traffic to the device jumped 270 percent in the last week of November, 2011.

Jumptap also found that Seattle, Washington was the US city that warmed up to the Kindle Fire fastest. Incredibly, an estimated 1 out of every 124 residents was using the tablet.

It’s probably a safe bet that the Kindle Fire is seen as a great companion for a coffee house visit.

Other cities with the highest penetration of Kindle Fires included San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta and Phoenix.

“The quick adoption of the Kindle Fire speaks to consumer desire for mobile content consumption at lower price points,” says Paran Johar, CMO, Jumptap. “In 2012, tablets will lengthen the shadow they have begun to cast over the PC/laptop, as they already perform many of the same tasks; and consumers won’t want to purchase both. Based on the success of the Fire, other players will want to enter the tablet space at lower price points.”

Are you surprised by the red-hot popularity of the new Amazon Kindle Fire?