Jumptap Adds Video To Comprehensive Mobile Advertising Platform

Jumptap today announced at the Mobile Marketing Forum the addition of video to its premium mobile ad network.  Through the addition, Jumptap is now the only network to offer all mobile advertising solutions including search, display, rich media, video and in-app advertising all from one platform.

To make it happen, Jumptap is also announcing a technology partnership with iVdopia for pre-app interstitials, and Limelight Networks for in-stream video, including pre roll, mid roll and post roll.  Jumptap is betting high on video for increased engagement, claiming U.S. consumers spend an average of three hours and 37 minutes each month watching video on mobile phones.

“The addition of video mobile advertising reinforces our commitment to deliver the most engaging experiences to mobile consumers, first through consumer intelligence — our unique ability to deliver the most relevant ads, and second, through the most innovative ad formats that foster interactivity and engagement,” said Paran Johar, CMO of Jumptap. “This translates to giving advertisers the broadest array of creative and targeting options that deliver the highest ROI which in turn delivers the highest yields to publishers.”

Mobile video is no doubt gaining steam in the mobile advertising realm, and while engagement potential is inherently high, I’m still not sure how consumers will respond in general to video-based mobile advertising.  It’s one thing to watch TV programing, movies, etc., but watching video ads could be more of an inconvenience than anything.

On the other hand, if done correctly and kept highly relevant, targeted and unique, mobile video ads could prove very successful.  We’ll have to wait to see how consumers respond in the long-term.