JetBlue Providing Pilots with Tablets for ‘Core’ Functions

Joining the fast-growing list of major U.S. airlines adopting Apple’s mobile technology for use by pilots and other in-flight crew, JetBlue announced Wednesday that it will similarly equip pilots with Apple’s market-leading tablet.

Our pilots already use some incredible technology, and now we’re adding iPads to the tools they will have available in the flight deck.

“No, they won’t be playing Angry Birds in the cockpit,” a statement on the airline’s official blog reads, “but the cool technology they’ll be able to see before and during a flight will help them be even better pilots.”

JetBlue says that every pilot will be formally trained to use the three apps core to their job: real-time weather, pre-flight planning and digital airport and aircraft charts.

The FAA first approved the use of Apple’s iPad back in 2011.

As fleet programs and technology evolves further, JetBlue said today, “additional iPad applications may be implemented like instrument approach and taxiway charts.”

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