iSIGN Media, AllOver Media Announce Partnership

iSIGN Media, AllOver Media Announce PartnershipToronto-based iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. informed MMW ahead of the weekend that the company has just signed a contract with ALLOver Media, LCC to be the “exclusive third-party advertising reseller” for iSIGN’s National Mobile Network (NMN).

According to details shared in a news release, AOM has grown to 135 employees and 1,700 clients in the USA and Canada, making it the largest alternative out-of-home platform in North America.

“We see iSIGN’s NMN as a medium allowing us to advertise to the connected consumer in proximity to where products are being sold, thereby giving us the opportunity to influence their purchase decisions and drive sales,” says AOM President and CFO Shaun Nugent.

He believes iSIGN products have the ability to extend their “reach of the message to consumers in close proximity of the physical location.”

“We have been working to put together a media delivery system that has not been done before – a national network of locations where consumers will receive advertising directly on their mobile devices,” adds iSIGN CEO Alex Romanov. “Now, with the help of AOM, we look forward to expanding our client base with a diverse group of advertisers who will appreciate the advantage of a network that is capable of reaching a targeted consumer on the path to purchase.”