Iran May Be Mobile’s Newest Emerging Market

Iran May Be Mobile's Newest Emerging MarketLast week, as global headlines detailed, six nations, including the United States, reached a monumental though highly criticized deal with Iran in hopes of curtailing the nation’s nuclear aims.

But the deal in question is a highly complex and nuanced one, and certainly an agreement that has implications well beyond the realm of nuclear weaponry.

As economic sanctions are lifted, so too are barriers to access with regard to cutting edge consumer technologies like smartphones and tablets.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the deal with Iran could make it a prime target for leading tech makers like Apple.

“Apple Inc. has been in touch with potential Iranian distributors, according to people familiar with the matter,” the WSJ is reporting.

But Apple likely won’t be alone in its prospective efforts. All the major mobile tech players and service providers may want to capitalize on Iran’s youthful, tech-hungry population.

“Iran’s nearly 80 million residents—60% of whom are under 30—already have an affinity for Western brands, especially American ones,” the report concludes. “Internet penetration is 53% across the population, and that rises to 77% in Tehran, according to government data. About 11 million Iranians have mobile Internet access.”