iPhone Sales Projected to Approach 200 Million Units Next Year

2012 projections for iPhone sales in the new year are staggering to say the least.

According to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, Apple will sell close to 200 million iPhones next year – practically double 2011’s iPhone sales.

The projections are based on independent research and the telling findings of an AlphaWise survey of U.S. consumers conducted for Morgan Stanley in late November.

iPhone demand is still climbing rapidly, Huberty says. “Surprisingly, US consumers expect to buy more iPhones in C1Q12 than C4Q11.”

Next year’s buying boom has already begun, in fact. Apple is currently in what many analysts expect to be the company’s best quarter for iPhones sales to date. Huberty estimates that Apple will ship well in excess of 30 million iPhones this holiday quarter alone.

Not to be outdone in 2012, iPad sales will also be strong, says the Morgan Stanley analyst, who calls for sales of 80 million iPads in 2012. By comparison, Apple has sold approximately 25 million iPads this year (not counting fourth quarter results).