Interactive Mobile Ads Garner The Highest Success Rates

Interactive Mobile Ads Garner The Highest Success RatesThere are many options to choose from when investing in mobile advertising. With mobile still being the newest of channels in the digital advertising age, the rate of success continues to vary across most methods of mobile advertising.  And although advertising on social media is an effective method of mobile communications with consumers, countless brands and businesses are looking to diversify their mobile marketing efforts.

Even though there is some inconsistency in the world of mobile, it is already a multibillion-dollar industry. According to mobile advertising company Celtra, the future of mobile advertising lies in interactive mobile ads (and mobile ads and commercials that contain quick and fun games).

“Gaming ads are advertisements that use gameplay and/or gamification mechanics as a core of their user experience,” Celtra chief product officer Matevz Klanjsek is quoted by Venture Beat. “Most often, these ads look like branded minigames served into an ad placement. They typically feature standard gaming elements, such as core gameplay, scores, leaderboards, and they often allow users to share their score/result on social media.”

Celtra claims that their new mobile gaming commercials give brands and businesses the competitive edge they are looking for in the world of mobile advertising, and drastically increase both click-through rates and engagement.

“The billions spent on advertising has every company trying to figure out what is next,” the report concludes. “Celtra is just one of many, but — if its data pans out and works for a mass audience — you can expect the rest of the industry to follow its lead.”