Instart Logic Announces New Features Ahead of the Holiday Season

Instart Logic Announces New Features for Holiday SeasonInstart Logic, a cloud application delivery provider, has announced two new performance solutions: One Time Cache and User Prioritization. These solutions optimize website experiences for retail and e-commerce websites for the holiday season.

According to the company announcement, One Time Cache helps acquire first-time visitors while User Prioritization allows companies to predictively prioritizing users during peak traffic.

Last Black Friday online traffic brought down countless Web-based stores. Holiday seasons are an important time to offer optimized shopping experiences and retain customers as 41% of shoppers reported that they purchased from a new retailer last holiday season.

According to a recent study, customers who are engaged with an online shopping experience buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per transaction, and deliver three times the value to a brand.

Instart Logic’s One Time Cache and User Prioritization solutions are available today with the company’s application delivery platform. To learn more, click here.