Innovative New Mobile Marketing Planning Tool Launched

Innovative New Mobile Marketing Planning Tool LaunchedWPP firm Tenthavenue, TNS, and mobile firm Joule have joined forces to launch an innovative mobile marketing planning tool called mFluence. Together the team has gathered data from 55,000 online consumers across 50 markets within Asia. The end result are specific data points that business owners can utilize to create their mobile marketing plan.

The data points gathered include online habits documented through a variety of in-depth filters. This data is then transformed into specific strategy strategies and tactics that can be utilized for mobile marketing planning.

What makes mFluence so innovative is that it takes out the guesswork that is generally applied to the rapidly changing trends in mobile marketing. It also provides in-depth targeting, which is currently lacking in the online world. It even guides business owners as to how free, paid, and owned media channels will garner the best success rates for their business.

“mFluence was developed in order to directly address client ‘path to purchase’ media planning needs,” says Rupert Day, CEO of tenthavenue. “We saw the opportunity to build an incredibly powerful tool that gives planners actionable, data driven insights at the beginning of the planning process, resulting in more successful campaigns across any market.”