InMail Marketing on LinkedIn Gaining Steam

InMail Marketing on LinkedIn Gaining SteamAs LinkedIn continues to grow in both prominence and function, users will now see an increase in Sponsored content, with an especially strong focus on Sponsored InMail.

The advertisers that partner with LinkedIn will have access to the users of LinkedIn directly through their email addresses and can therefore better engage with those consumers.

The InMail marketing strategy focuses primarily on LinkedIn’s mobile users, as recent studies have revealed that more than half of all consumers now open their emails on mobile devices.

LinkedIn has identified email as a platform likely to enjoy the highest rate of engagement between marketers and consumers. This factor, combined with the ability to include native advertising, makes email the perfect channel for the kind of marketing LinkedIn is looking to offer. This content can be anything from personalized event invites and promotions from businesses, to relevant articles (sponsored) and news publications. And because they all come through email, they can be viewed on any device at any time.

LinkedIn’s advertising partners are expecting to see high conversion rates with these capabilities and will be watching their ROI closely in the months to come as they assess the strength and value of InMail marketing.

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