INFOGRAPHIC: Majority of Mobile Phone Users Welcome SMS Offers

An abundance of mobile ads flooding today’s market still haven’t discouraged a majority of mobile users from being receptive to a good deal served up via SMS.

According to the latest data presented by YouGov, a survey on SMS and mobile phone marketing showed the following:

  • 65% of people like offers on their mobile phones
  • 75% of smartphone users prefer receiving offers via SMS
  • 83% would prefer to receive no more than two offer per month

“Only about 1 in 100 of our clients use SMS marketing, as opposed to 90% of them using email marketing,” said Brandon K. Gaille, the CEO of “This low penetration has led to cell phone owners only occasionally receiving offers via SMS text messaging. This is the primary reason for SMS being the most effective mobile marketing medium for eliciting consumer response.”

To review all the morsels of info found in the YouGov study, check out the infographic below.