India: The Next Mobile Marketing Trendsetter?

India The Next Mobile Marketing TrendsetterIndia is not only one of the fastest growing mobile populations on the planet, it’s also home to the mobile marketing trends of the future.

That’s according to Rohit Dadwal, the Singapore-based Managing Director (MD) for the Mobile Marketing Association’s (MMA) Asia Pacific (APAC) branch.

In an interview published Friday with Business Today, Dadwal says mobile marketing in India has finally “matured.” And now… the sky is the limit.

“As far as mobile marketing goes, India is similar to the rest of the world, but still very different,” Dadwal explains, noting that the channel is not very different and the objective is the same – to build a brand, acquire customers and retain them. “But,” he says, “how we implement the same is different because of social and economic parameters.”

“Our ad dollars will never be comparable with the US. But countries like India will definitely be trendsetters,” he asserts.

The MMA veteran believes that usage of mobile marketing among local business owners and other small entrepreneurs without massive advertising budgets will continue to gain from the “level playing field” offered by various affordable mobile marketing channels.

Dadwal added that mobile was also democratizing marketing as even the local grocer can afford to use this new medium to his advantage.

“Mobile is definitely becoming part of the larger budget rather that a standalone expense. More brands are making it part of their overall marketing budget. Spends are going to grow as this medium is more measurable compared to others,” he concluded.

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