How to Repair your Mobile Marketing Piggy Bank

How to Repair your Mobile Marketing Piggy BankMobile has been a revolutionary game changer in the world of marketing, helping to generate more income and attention for businesses of all sizes. However, Brett Relander, a digital marketing consultant and the founder of Launch & Hustle,  says: “For every success story, there are tales of companies generating an average to downright disappointing response to their mobile marketing campaigns.”

Having specialized in mobile marketing and social media, Relander offers suggestions to help fix the negative and turn it to a positive. One of the biggest issues is “Not optimizing your website for mobile traffic.” Don’t you hate it when you load a web page on your phone and you only have partial access? Another issue, advertising in the “wrong places” has caused some heartache as well. “These channels should be used for branding purposes.” In other words, keep it simple and about your organization, keep them focused on you.

Relander provides even more good ideas to help increase your mobile marketing revenue.

  • Don’t abuse SMS texts to your audience. To clarify, send texts to your consumers with a purpose. Don’t spam them continually.
  • Always allow a way out of an offer for your consumers. Relander elaborates, “Failure to do so violates current laws and can invite action.”
  • Make your offer valuable, with real worth – something that’s an actual reward from your company. Don’t just offer them a pen for signing up.

The last three suggestions Relander makes are pretty much to the point.

  • Make sure, when sending messages, the consumer knows who you are.
  • Always follow up with your clients.
  • Lastly, social media is the latest craze. Integrate the two and you’ll broaden your consumers.

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