Hot Mobile Rumor: iPhone 5 Coming to T-Mobile

It would seem like a no-brainer in the smartphone-carrier relationship department. Yet for plentiful explained reasons that have yet to quell the rumor mill, once again it appears that talk has resumed that Apple and T-Mobile will soon be doing business together in an official capacity.

Of course, owners of unlocked iPhones can get coverage for their device through T-Mobile. But T-Mobile doesn’t sell iPhones and carrier contracts to go with them. So will this present relationship change?

According to a new research note from Merrill Lynch analyst Scott Craig, T-Mobile USA could announce that it will soon begin offering the iPhone. The announcement might come as soon as next week.

It makes sense. The carrier recently beefed up its iPhone-compatible high-speed HSPA+ network in 10 metropolitan areas, allowing some of the 1.5 million T-Mobile customers already using unlocked iPhones to enjoy something better than GSM download speeds. Moreover, not selling the iPhone has been costing T-Mobile customers.

The deal with T-Mobile would also give Apple access to a solid base of 33 million additional mobile subscribers. Not to shabby for the iDevice maker.

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