Horse Betting Goes Mobile in the U.S. with Derby Jackpot

With real-money mobile casino games and apps poised to become a huge international market (in accordance with the expanding adoption of local laws and ordinances permitting this growth), it’s no surprise to read about the enterprising efforts of companies eager to lay the groundwork for potentially lucrative opportunities down the road.

Among the pioneers in this space today is horse betting site Derby Jackpot, which enables casual gamers to play the ponies via mobile device. In other words, gamblers can now be “at the track” regardless of where they physically are located.

Playing is made possible by letting gamblers place small wagers on horse races – races that players can watch through a live video feed. Best of all, the complex race forms found in the real-world of horse-betting don’t exist here. DerbyJackpot is purportedly very easy to use, presents an animated-style appearance, and aims to draw in casual betters with miniscule bets on one or more horses.

When you check out the home page of their website, the folks at Derby Jackpot ask the most obvious question first so that you don’t have to: Is this legal?

Here’s their answer:

YES, pari-mutuel wagering on horse races is legal in the United States due to the Interstate Horse Racing Act of 1978, provided that it is legal in your state. Currently 43 states have legalized pari-mutuel wagering.

DerbyJackpot is licensed by the Oregon Racing Commission.

DerbyJackpot is a US company with offices in NY & Oregon. We are licensed to accept and handle wagers from eligible players in the United States.

For now, the site is available in 25 states with 12 more on tap, we’re told. Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia have established restrictions regarding online horse betting.

For now, the company’s mobile site is up and running and a possible partnership with Facebook has been discussed.

To learn more about one of the hottest digital properties for the ponies today, click here.