Here’s What’s Happening in Mobile Casino Gaming, Internet Gambling

Here's What's Happening in Mobile Casino Gaming, Internet GamblingHere are some of the top stories in mGaming that our newest sister site – – has been monitoring in recent days.

The Telegraph yesterday reported that 888 Holdings plans to follow upcoming online gambling launches in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware by moving into California, New York, and Florida. 888 Holdings has online poker, casino, bingo, and sports betting operations primarily in the UK and Europe.  After the online gambling crackdown in 2006, 888 was forced out of the US. The US market now, however, is slowly opening back up.

It’s a common question posed by those weighing the many potential benefits of comprehensive legalized online gambling in the United States. Would online gambling, if sanctioned, be able to help pay the nation’s bills?

According to CNBC, online bookmakers are frantically scrambling to move out of the U.K. and into other parts of Europe and Australia in order to offset potential losses from an upcoming gambling tax.  Analysts say the result of the tax could cause a “seismic shift” in the industry.

Last Thursday, Benzinga sat down with Matt Showell, Editor-in-Chief of PokerListings, to discuss how the internet has changed the poker and gambling industry. Showell explained that online gambling allows those to play in a ‘less threatening environment’ because “not everyone wants to go in and sit down at a casino… online poker made it so anyone who is over 18 can sit in their own home, play poker, learn it and gain exposure to the game.”

Last week I wrote a blog about bitcoins (BTC) gaining legitimacy as currency. In it, I refer to other blogs that took notice of the US government recognizing BTC’s as serious business and how the company SatoshiDice, a BTC company, had been bought by a private buyer. Since national online gambling remains illegal in America, SatoshiDice blocks all IP addresses that originate from the US. Despite not servicing the United States of America, SatoshiDice seems to do well and make good business for the aforementioned BTC’s.