Hashtags Dominated Social Media on Super Bowl Sunday

It goes without saying that Super Bowl Sunday was a big day for mobile engagement. As a result, it was also a big day for Twitter.

On Wednesday, Twitter published a blog pointing attention to some of the immense ad-related activity that it observed.

Last year, one in five brands included a hashtag in their Super Bowls ads. This year, 50% of the 52 national ads during the game featured hashtags.

“Clearly,” says Josh Grau, Head of Brand Strategy at Twitter, “an increasing number of today’s marketers understand that half of Twitter’s users use the platform while they watch TV, which means Twitter can keep the conversation around an ad going long after a 30-second spot is over.”

On-air hashtags featured in this year’s ads were mentioned 300,000 times on Sunday alone, Grau says, which is a +273% increase over last year in terms of ad-related hashtag mentions on game day.

While there were some major waves made by hashtags on Super Bowl Sunday, one in particular was bigger than all the rest.

“The #CrackinStyle ad by Wonderful Pistachios (@getcrackin) sparked the most Tweets immediately after airing,” Grau said. “The ad stars Korean viral sensation Psy and racked up over 13,000 Tweets mentioning the hashtag in one minute. Apparently, people still love watching him get his ‘Gangnam Style’ on.”

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