Has ‘Age of Enlightenment’ Arrived for RTB?

Has ‘Age of Enlightenment’ Arrived for RTB“Data-driven targeting is old hat in many corners of the advertising world,” says Steve Yi. “Advertisers now draw on limitless forms of data to target the best consumer at the most opportune time and speak to them in the most appropriate way.”

That begins Yi’s essay, recently posted at Adotas, on the changing fortunes of Real Time Bidding (RTB).

Yi believes “RTB has still not fully shaken off its dubious reputation of being murky and opaque.”

What should ad buyers expect from RTB campaigns?

“To keep up with the trend of vastly more targeted advertising,” Yi contends.

Here are three key areas Yi thinks advertisers need to see addressed by RTB platforms “in order to see their bids live up to their full potential”:

1. Granular data-driven targeting: knowing every bid inside and out

“Programmatic markets add much more value for buyer and seller when high degrees of first party, third party and proprietary data are involved. “

2. High intent customers: taking first party data to the next level

“High intent customers are the ultimate lead generation opportunity – if advertisers can correctly identify them and be relevant to them at the right time.”

3. Data-driven transparency: illuminating the shadowy reaches of every ad impression

“Transparency is one of the ad tech world’s biggest buzz words. Ad buyers find that there is still an obstacle between them and a true understanding of the value of every impression – and it comes down to transparency.”

Yi notes that ad buyers have groused about RTB inventory not being “as premium” as other forms of programmatic, and claims costs are still too high for buyers to see pronounced value.

“But increasingly, mainstream programmatic trends are seriously shaking up the RTB space and ushering in a data-driven Age of Enlightenment, when the value of RTB is being reassessed and reinvented,” concludes Yi. “In this new era of hyper-impactful RTB, the value of every bid and the true meaning of every impression can be data-verified and help ad buyers not only get greater bang, but more qualified leads, for their buck.”

There’s much more to read in Yi’s essay. See for yourself here.

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