Groupon Announces The Launch of Breadcrumb

Groupon announced the national launch of Breadcrumb on Wednesday. It’s being described as a simple, powerful and affordable point-of-sale (POS) solution that runs on iPads.

The ideal clients, Groupon says, are restaurants, bars and cafes.

The comprehensive system, created by a seasoned team of hospitality industry experts, simplifies the POS process and lowers costs linked to outdated POS structures.

“As someone who worked in the hospitality industry, I grew tired of paying tens of thousands of dollars for overly complex and unreliable POS systems that were difficult to use” said Seth Harris, General Manager of the Breadcrumb POS. “The Breadcrumb team used our knowledge of the restaurant and bar business to develop an exceptional POS system backed by a first-rate support team, all at one of the lowest prices in today’s marketplace.”

For now, plans start at $99 per month. That includes free installation and 24/7 phone and email support.

Breadcrumb is not limited to Groupon merchants, the announcement today confirmed, and it’s available to all hospitality businesses across the nation.