Great Forecast: PK4 Media Launches First Omni-Channel Weather Targeting Solution

For the first-time, brands can target consumers locally with digital advertising campaigns based on 12 weather conditions in real-time, it was announced today by 15-time award-winning PK4 Media.

According to a provided release, this marks the first-ever omni-channel weather targeting solution and it adds to PK4 Media’s ability to serve display and video ads across eight channels: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, CTV, VOD, In-Mall, In-Theater and Digital-Out-Of-Home.

“Weather has traditionally played an enormous role in shopping habits and as our physical and virtual worlds collide, advertisers that learn to factor weather into their digital advertising campaigns will have an enormous advantage,” said PK4 Media CEO Tom Alexander. “The ability to customize ads based on local weather conditions across eight different channels is unprecedented.”

The 12 weather conditions being measured include: temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction, cloud coverage, rainfall volume, snowfall volume, sunset time, sunrise time, UV index, air pollution indexes and pollen counts.

“This allows advertisers to switch to ice coffee once the temperature reaches a certain threshold; car companies can advertise safety features when it is raining; and pharmaceutical companies can advertise antihistamines when pollen counts are up,” said Alexander.

To learn more, check out PK4 Media here.