Googling as a Way of Life: It Grabs More than 90 Percent of Global Search Traffic

Googling As a Way of Life -- It Grabs More than 90 Percent of Global Search TrafficWhen you want to search, where do you go?

If you’re like most people in the world, you go to Google.

Recent research from Define Media Group, which tracked traffic to 94 sites across various industry verticals between January and November 2014, asserts that Google accounted for a whopping 93 percent of online and mobile web organic search traffic worldwide.

That pretty much leaves Bing and Yahoo in the dust, with a combined (and paltry) 6 percent.

“Recent analysis by Merkle | RKG found similar results when looking at the US only,” says eMarketer. “The search and digital marketing agency reported that in Q3 2014, Google increased its share of organic search visits in the US to 83 percent. This was at the expense of Bing, which saw its portion fall slightly to 8 percent; Yahoo held steady at around 7 percent.”

These stats show a bigger a bigger gaggle of searchers for Google than a recent analysis by comScore, which pegged Google’s share of monthly online searches in the U.S. at 67.3 percent.

When analyzing desktop only, comScore found that Microsoft sites accounted for 19.4 percent and Yahoo sites for 10.0 percent.

Word to the wise: the whole shooting match is now driven by mobile.

“RKG reported that mobile was fueling overall organic search growth,” added eMarketer. “Between Q3 2013 and Q3 2014, mobile organic search visits rose 45 percent, compared with just 3 percent for overall organic. Google ruled here, too, with an 85.6 percent share of U.S. mobile organic search visits coming from the site, vs. 8.4 percent for Yahoo and 5.6 percent for Bing.”