Global Market Insights Points to a Healthy Future for Connected Care

Global Market Insights Inc. is out with a new report estimating big growth for the video telemedicine market in the years ahead.

“The growing demand amidst patients residing in remote and inaccessible places for healthcare services will drive the industry in the coming years,” the report summary obtained by MHW notes.

As for what’s driving this growth, multiple factors are in play.

Development of mobile technologies permitting exchange of medical information to multiple locations by expert medical professionals, constantly increasing number of outpatients and attempts to reduce healthcare costs are also likely to fuel global video telemedicine market size.

“Surge in the occurrence of white coat syndrome, hospital acquired/nosocomial infections and the demand for rapid and effective treatments coupled with government initiatives will further boost industry growth,” the summary shared with MHW explains. “These regulations center on promoting the use of latest medical technology offering reduced costs and enhanced time efficiency. The development of efficient and versatile communication technologies and enhanced video capturing devices such as webcams, cameras etc. are other growth drivers.”

The full report is available now for purchase here.