Geo-Shopping App ShopKick Surpasses 700M Product Views, 7M Product Scans & 2.3M Users

ShopKick, the mobile shopping app with a unique twist on location-based engagement, has come out with impressive numbers detailing how the startup has grown since its launch in August of last year.

ShopKick forgoes the ever-popular “checkin” concept and instead uses a proprietary signaling method.  When someone using one of ShopKick’s free mobile apps walks into a store that has integrated the ShopKick system, a signal is detected and the app subsequently delivers reward points called “kickbucks” to the user.  Kickbucks are rewarded for anything the store desires, such as simply walking into the store, or actions such as trying on clothes, scanning a product barcode and more.  These kickbucks can then be redeemed across all partner stores for gift card rewards or for Facebook Credits.  Users can also receive special discounts on specific products at partners stores like Macy’s, Best Buy or Target.

In just over a year, the company says its apps have seen an impressive 700 million product views, with expectations of passing the billion mark before year’s end.  The startup has also recorded over 2 million physical store walk-ins and its apps have been downloaded over 2.3M times.  ShopKick’s devices, which facilitate the signaling and alerts, have now been installed at over 3,000 stores and 250 malls.

The most impressive stat is that Shopkick users open the apps an average of 14 days per month (often several times a day) and each day they open the app, users look at 16 stores on average.  This means that per month, users look at over 200 stores via the app on average.  It’s also worth mentioning that users have scanned 7 million products over the past year, which is more than double the 3 million recorded in February.

The company has signed on an impressive list of retail partners for its platform, including Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, Crate & Barrel, American Eagle, Sports Authority, Toys R Us, Simon Malls and others, with one unnamed retailer indicating $50 million in measurable incremental revenue as a result of the shopkick mobile app.