Game Changer: ZOG Digital Touts Connected Content

Online Advertising On Laptop Shows Websites Promotions And Ecommerce StrategiesThis week, MMW was briefed on the big news from ZOG Digital.

The ZOG Digital crew has just announced the launch of Connected Content, the trademarked name for the innovative approach that’s reshaping how companies market online.

“We’ve been helping clients with digital solutions for close to twenty years,” says CEO Jeff Herzog. “As the landscape grows more complex, brands find themselves in marketing silos, and miss numerous gains that can be realized through a connected approach.”

At ZOG Digital, the connected approach begins with visibility — and content strategy. A comprehensive analysis of marketplace trends then identifies opportunities.

“We understand how to ensure clients are present with engaging, influential content where and when audiences need them,” says CIO Thomas Stern.

So how does it work? Here’s what the company tells us.

ZOG works across channels to produce maximum ROI through integrated content, SEO, and paid media for budget efficiencies.

“Silos hurt performance,” says Stern. “There’s exponential benefit to brands and consumers when they deliver a seamless experience across channels.”

Want to know more? Check out ZOG Digital here.