Fruition Wants to Bring Political Campaigns to … Well, Fruition

Fruition Wants to Bring Political Campaigns to ... Well, FruitionDenver-based digital marketing agency Fruition has just launched “Campaign Fruition.”

This new and specific division of Fruition’s marketing services is dedicated to working with political consultants and campaign strategists to create and deliver integrated and targeted digital marketing campaigns.

On the plus side for Fruition, there are a whole lot of candidates in the game this time around. On the downside for the rest of us, there are a whole lot of candidates in the game this time around.

“Whether on the national or local stage, elections and ballot initiatives are won or lost based on getting voters to turn out,” a statement from Fruition reads. “The past several elections have proven how important it is for candidates to spread a focused, unified message across all digital media and marketing channels, and Campaign Fruition is specifically designed to effectively guide campaigns through this process.”

Campaign Fruition will offer the full range of digital marketing services, including web and app development, design, search marketing, digital strategy, social marketing, display media, and email marketing.

“We are ecstatic to announce Campaign Fruition,” said Melanie Davidson, President of Fruition. “This is a natural extension of our expertise, core services and consumer-first approach. Political candidates seeking to run a successful campaign must be able to adjust their marketing efforts to the changing environment and leverage the entire digital ecosystem to reach targeted audiences in a relevant and engaging way.”

In addition to Fruition’s marketing campaigns, the agency also provides secure web hosting and security services for those concerned with storage or privacy issues for websites, apps, and overall IT infrastructure. (Here’s where we could offer a hint-hint to a certain candidate, but we’re not going to go there).

For more details, exercise your right to vote by clicking here.