Forrester: Enterprise Mobile BI Boom Coming

Forrester Enterprise Mobile BI Boom ComingAccording to a new report from Forester, mobile business intelligent (mobile BI) products are poised for rapid growth in the enterprise.

The projections are made in Forrester’s new “Market Overview: Mobile Business Intelligence,” which explores why mobile BI is finally moving beyond previous limitations.

“The advent of smartphones and tablets has changed the dynamics of what mobility means in a business context. Whether it’s executives or field engineers, knowledge workers or hospital staff, there is an increasing realization that extending business intelligence applications to mobile devices can transform entire business processes as well as individuals’ work patterns,” reads the new report.

Having business applications available while away from the office is nothing new; neither is using mobile devices as an integral part of a business process. Until recently, however, the former has mostly consisted of standard PC applications running on a laptop, and the latter has largely been the realm of specialist, often ruggedized mobile devices used for a single purpose, such as order tracking.

So how are things changing, exactly?

“Many business leaders now carry around tablet devices, especially iPads into the boardroom considering a lot of companies have moved to electronic distribution of board papers,” Forrester says. “The need to access KPIs [key performance indicators] and other business information on their tablets too arose from there. This removes a key obstacle to making a business case: When business leaders themselves express the need, funds are typically easier to find.”

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