Former Gartner Analyst Joins Apple’s Marketing Team

Apple’s newest hire in marketing comes to the table with no shortage of experience in closely considering the company’s various strengths and weaknesses.

A well-known veteran industry analyst for Gartner, Michael Gartenberg, has reportedly taken a position on Apple’s marketing team.

According to chatter in Cupertino, Gartenberg will report to Phil Schiller. The former analyst’s new title isn’t known at this time, but the job is said to be a pretty sweet one.

Prior to working for Gartner, the analyst briefly worked at Microsoft, Altimeter Group, Intepret LLC, and Jupiter Research.

His official webpage bio describes the analyst as “a longtime blogger [who] has been ranked by TechnoBabble among the top 50 most influential analyst bloggers. He is the only analyst ranked in the top 10 of both most influential as well as engaging analysts on Twitter according to Edelman’s TweetLevel. Michael has served on the board of advisors for the Consumer Electronics Organization where he helped create the agenda for the Consumer Electronics Show.”