Flurry Report Shows Consumers Now Spend More Time with Mobile Apps Than on The Internet

According to the latest research and subsequent findings by mobile analytics firm Flurry, mobile apps are putting the web in their “rear-view mirror.” That is, consumers now spend more time engrossed in their mobile apps than they do the internet.

This marks the first time a Flurry report has reflected this sobering reality.

Three years ago, when mobile apps first hit the proverbial big time by going mainstream, it was difficult if not outright impossible to think of a day in the very near future when app usage would surpass that of web usage in terms of the amount of time consumers spend doing each. But it’s happened.

Flurry attributes the popularity boom of mobile apps to the concurrent popularity of iOS and Android devices, which are app-centric to say the least.

All told, the data indicates that consumers now dedicate, on average, 81 minutes a day to their favorite apps. By comparison, they are spending just 74 minutes, on average, tethered to the Internet.

Twelve months ago, those figures looked a lot different. Back then, app usage account for just 43 minutes of one’s day, while Internet usage still dominated by capturing 64 minutes.

The report also shows that in addition to our burgeoning preference for mobile apps, the purposes for which we use the Internet are also undergoing radical change. Today, social networking accounts for an increasingly prominent chunk of the total time we spend on the Internet (at least 14 of the 74 minutes of our daily Internet use).

But by comparison, our engagement with social media and games is much higher when it comes to app usage. 79% of the time consumers are using mobile apps, they are either playing games (47%) or using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter (32%).

To read the complete report from Flurry, click here.

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